Individual Cancer Therapy

People face emotional challenges at all stages of cancer treatment: at the point of diagnosis, while undergoing treatment, and during the recovery process. Psychological health is a critical, and often times missing piece of the cancer treatment puzzle.

Dr. Felleman is specially trained as a "Psycho-Oncologist", or Cancer Therapist. His specialty training in Oncology equips him to help meet the unique needs of cancer patients and their caregivers. Dr. Felleman frequently sees clients for the following issues:

  • Changes in mood
  • Chemo-brain
  • Anxiety & Fear of Cancer Recurrence
  • Fatigue
  • Changes in Weight
  • Appetite Disturbances & Body Image
  • Changes in Relationships & Sexual Health
  • Lifestyle Adjustment Difficulties

What to Expect
As a first step, all clients undergo an initial diagnostic evaluation.  This process typically takes one to two visits (each 50 minutes.) The goals of the evaluation are to get to know one another, assess current and past psychological difficulties, and formulate a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan.

After this initial phase, you and Dr. Felleman will spend individual weekly sessions (typically 50-minutes long) focused on achieving your goals.