Insurance Update!

Can I afford therapy?

BMED San Diego believes in providing mental health treatment regardless of financial means. Getting emotional support during major life transitions is a right, not a privilege. Typical costs for cancer therapy with a psychologist can range from $130-$200. While some psychotherapists in San Diego are 'cash only', BMED San Diego accepts insurance AND sliding scale payments. 

What insurance do you accept?

BMED San Diego is contracted to provide mental health treatment and assessment services with the following insurance providers:

  • Medicare

  • TriWest (Veterans Choice Program)

  • Blue Shield of California

  • TriCare


  • MH Health Net

What should I do if my insurance isn't listed?

The first step would be to see if your insurance provider pays for "out of network coverage." Sometimes this means that your insurance will pay up to 80% of the out-of-pocket costs. You will receive what is called a "super-bill" for your therapist, which you then submit for reimbursement. Dr. Felleman can walk you through this easy process.

If you would prefer to only work with a therapist in San Diego who accepts your insurance, feel free to email or call for a referral to another therapist. Dr. Felleman  is an Assistant Professor at UCSD and is also active in the San Diego Psychology community. He will do his best to find you the support you deserve.